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Air beds

In today’s world back pain is normal and most of the doctors suggest air bed as a solution of back pain problem. Such air mattress can also be used in camping for comfortable sleep but most importantly our newly designed inflatable sofa cum bed is the only solution for your uninvited guests but don’t forget to consider following points while choosing air bed for you.
1: If you are looking for a perfect sleeping solution then choose single air bed or double air mattress as they have no partition and back get total support. While choosing air bed, don’t forget to consider your height and no of person you want to sleep.
2: If space management and entertaining a guest is an issue then you should choose inflatable sofa cum bed or 5 in 1 air lounge, as this product can accommodate two to three person. You can use this product as a solution of sitting problem and you can also covert “air lounge” into a single or double bed.
3: If you are looking for camping purpose then choose any of our single air bed solution with compact size and require less effort to inflate.
Note: Some of our inflatable products have built in pumping function, so you don’t need a separate pumping system and for others you need to buy separate air pump. Air pump are available in two types one is manual and other one is electric. So if you are in home then choose electric air pump and if you are somewhere, where electricity is not available then choose manual air pump.

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