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Oxygen Recumbent Bike R8K/BF-3303



The Oxygen R8K Recumbent Bike is another top of the line magnetic bike offered by the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN. This bike was previously known as the Oxygen Recumbent Bike R8K and it’s new name is Oxygen Recumbent Bike BF-3303.

The Oxygen Recumbent Bike R8K/BF-3303, as the name indicates, is a premium quality magnetic bike designed to use for both commercial and domestic purposes. The Oxygen Recumbent Bike SK-BF3303 is manufactured from the highest quality material to ensure durability and reliability purposes.

The Oxygen Recumbent Bike R8K/BF-3303 can easily withstand the maximum load up to 120 Kilograms. If you want to purchase this quality magnetic bike, then you just have to use your mobile to dial the number 0333.4115583 from your mobile or landline number, simple is that.

Additional Specifications of the Oxygen Recumbent Bike R8K/BF-3303:

  1. Quality magnetic bike
  2. Can withstand body weight up to 120 Kilograms
  3. Comes with the LCD display
  4. Manufactured from the durable materials
  5. Lightweight
  6. Portable

Box Contains:

1 x Oxygen Recumbent Bike R8K/BF-3303


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