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Nail Art Machine



Do you want to paint your nails with beautiful and colorful pictures? If yes, then you don’t have to look far as the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN has come up with a unique product as the Nail Art Machine.

The Nail Art Machine, as the name indicates, is a premium quality product designed to form beautiful shapes on the nails with the minimal possible effort. The Nail Art Machine consists of almost 6 structured plates. These structured plates have different design embossed on them. So you can select the one that serves your purpose in the best manner.

The Nail Art Machine also comes with 6 different nail polishes. The overall usage of the Nail Art Machine is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is to first put the structured plate on the machine and mark the desires symbol with your favorite color nail polish and you are ready to go. In the next step; you have to move backward the upper compartment of the Nail Art Machine and the record the desired symbol by just pressing the symbol recorder. Now all you have to do is to put your nail on the place and press the symbol recorder to get that image on your nail.

The Nail Art Machine is perhaps the best option for students, fashion models, beauticians, Working Women and all beauty conscious women. You can easily place an order of this product just by dialing the number 0333.4115583 from your mobile or landline number.

Additional Specifications of the Nail Art Machine:

  1. Quality nail art machine
  2. Comes with the 6 different structured plates
  3. Comes with the 6 different nail polishes
  4. Easy to use
  5. Symbols can easily remove with the nail polish remover
  6. Dimensions of the Product is 192 x 80 x 76 cm (Length x Width x Height)
  7. Total weight of the machine is about 182 grams (Approx.)
  8. Lightweight
  9. Portable

Package Contains:

1 x Nail Art Machine


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