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Mothers Water Based Degreaser Gallon



The Mothers Water Based Degreaser Gallon is a revolutionary product offered by the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN.

The Mothers Water Based Degreaser Gallon, as the name indicates, is a premium quality and professional grade product features a safe but effective blend of grease cutting surfactants and biodegradable solvents designed to degrease multiple surfaces including automotive engines. It helps to gently lift awaya baked-on grime and thick carbon from the engine. The Mothers Water Based Degreaser Gallon is designed to use on all metals including the aluminum without any problems at all.

Recommended Dilutions:
Light to Moderate Degreasing — 1:4
General Purpose — 1:2
Heavy / Engine Degreasing — 1:1


In the very first step, you have to make the dilute solution by adding the one part of degreaser in 4 parts of water. In the next step, you have to take a good quality microfiber cloth and start applying the solution by soaking the cloth into the solution. In the final step; cleans the engine thoroughly to get the desired results.

Additional Specifications of the Mothers Water Based Degreaser Gallon:

  1. Professional grade water based degreasing solution
  2. Comes in large Gallon packing

Package Contains:

1 x Mothers Water Based Degreaser Gallon


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