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Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon



If you own a detailing center, then the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN has got something to offer the quality conscious individuals like you. The name of the product is Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon.

The Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon, as the name indicates, is a quality and professional grade cleaner designed to clean the rubber, vinyl and plastic of all types and even engine compartments.. The Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon also helps to leave a non-greasy finish, so the material you are cleaning will not attract dust and dirt from the surroundings.


Just apply a small quantity of the solution with the help of microfiber cloth and then cleans the surface thoroughly to get the optimum results.

Additional Specifications of the Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon:

  1. Premium grade vinyl and rubber cleaner
  2. Comes in Gallon packing

Box Contains:

1 x Mothers Vinyl & Rubber Dressing Gallon


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