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Invisible Bra



It is an undeniable fact that a number of women not like wearing the traditional bra for several reasons. For this very reason; the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN as the Invisible Bra. The Invisible Bra, as you might have guessed from its name, is a premium quality Bra that is quite different from the traditional Bra’s that women use.

The Invisible Bra is basically an adhesive Bra comes without any straps or wires and it instantly sticks to the place with minimal effort. The best thing about the Invisible Bra is that it doesn’t cause any harshness on a delicate part of the body, so it is safe to use. Moreover, it doesn’t leave any traces on the body like the case with the traditional Bra’s.

The Invisible Bra is crafted from the soft and comfortable material, so all the women can easily use this bra for longer duration without any problems at all. The Invisible Bra could be an ideal Bra for all those women who always prefer to wear fitting clothes.

The Invisible Bra is a best option to use by students, working women, busy housewives, fashion models, beauticians and so on. If you want to purchase this unique Bra, then you can easily do so just by dialing the number 0333.4115583 from your landline or mobile number.

Additional Specifications of the Invisible Bra:

  1. Best quality invisible bra
  2. Features the bandless and strapless design
  3. Helps to uplift the breasts
  4. Made from the durable and comfortable material
  5. Doesn’t leave any type of traces in the body
  6. Available in beautiful Skin color
  7. Portable
  8. Lightweight

Box Contains:

1 x Invisible Bra


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