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Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711



Are you a beautician and looking for a professional hair dryer, then you don’t have to spend hours in searching and selecting your desired product, as the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN has come up with a new and unique product as the Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711.

The Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711, as the name clearly indicates, is a premium quality and professional grade hair dryer designed to dry hair by evaporating moisture in least possible time. This Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711 can be a true blessing specifically in those situations where you don’t have enough time to go to a party or function and don’t have enough time to do so.

The Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711 comes with the intensity switch through which you can increase or decrease the intensity of the hot air that is blowing from the hair dryer just by pressing the button, simple is that. For more convenience and ease of operation, the hair dryer is powered by the standard electricity. All you have to do is to plug in the switch of the machine into the wall socket to make it work.

The Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711 will not only help to save your time, but your money too. The Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711 is crafted from the quality and durable materials, so you don’t have to scratch your head worrying about the quality of the product. If you want to purchase this quality blower, then you can easily do so juts by dialing the number 0333.4115583 from your mobile or landline number, simple is that.

Additional Specifications of the Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711:

  1. Quality hair dryer machine
  2. Powered by standard electricity
  3. Features high and low intensity switch
  4. Comes with specially designed nozzles
  5. Compact
  6. Durable
  7. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x Hair Dryer Gemei GM 1711


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