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Full Body Massage Chair



If you own a Massage Center or Fitness center and wanted to purchase the premium quality massage chair, then there is no need to search and purchase the substandard massage chair, as there is a one shop that will definitely help you to meet up to your high expectations. The name of this quality product is Full Body Massage Chair.

The Full Body Massage Chair is basically an electronic massage chair designed to provide the intense massage to complete body. The Full Body Massage Chair features the built-in massaging and heating function that help to soothe the stressed muscles of the body in considerably less amount of time.

There are numerous benefits of the massaging chair, as it helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body, helps to calm the stressed muscles of the body and it also helps to minimize the symptoms related to weakness of fatigue. The Full Body Massage Chair comes with the dedicated remote controller that can be used to control each and every function of the massage chair with minimal possible effort. All the users can easily set each and every function of the massaging chair just by slightly pushing of a button.

The massage chair is a zero gravity massage chair. The Zero Gravity massage chair allows the user to enjoy the full body massage to its fullest extent. The Full Body Massage Chair supports three different gravity levels as the Deep Zero Gravity, Comfort Zero Gravity and Initial Zero Gravity.

Please note that the total working time of the full body massage chair in a single day is up to 30 minutes max. So, don’t try to exceed the said timing as it can significantly affect the performance of the machine. The Full Body Massage Chair is an ideal full body massager designed for both men and women of all ages. You can easily purchase this revolutionary full body massage chair just by dialing the number 0333.4115583 from your landline or mobile number.

Additional Specifications of the Full Body Massage Chair:

  1. Quality full body massage chair
  2. Features full body massage except the head
  3. Comes with the dedicated remote controller
  4. Features 8 different massage points
  5. Features Zero Gravity massaging angle
  6. Helps to calm the tired and stressed muscles of the body
  7. Powered by standard 220 Volt electricity
  8. Features built-in heating and vibrating
  9. Made from premium quality leather and soft material

Package Contains:

1 x Full Body Massage Chair with Assembling Unit

1 x Power Cable


 Note: Please do not use the massage chair for more than 30 minutes in a single day, as it may damage the whole massage on permanent basis.


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