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Celluless Body Massager



If you are having the problem of cellulite and looking for a quality product to get rid of this problem, then stop looking, as the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN has come up with a new and unique product as the Celluless Body Massager.

The Celluless Body Massager is basically a small handy machine designed for firming the body. The Celluless Body Massager is basically a body firming machine that uses a technology called the vacuum massaging action and it also helps to remove all the traces of cellulite from the body in the safest possible way.

The Celluless Body Massager features the revolutionary red light waves and these waves help to target those fat deposits that are responsible for the formation of cellulite on different areas in the body. The Celluless Body Massager also helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body.

Then Celluless Body Massager is equipped with the specially designed massaging rollers that help to speed up the process of breaking down the fat deposits in the body. The Celluless Body Massager help to transform your body into the shape that you always dreamed of.

The Celluless Body Massager is equipped with a rechargeable battery. This massager comes with the dedicated wall socket charger that you can use to charge the body massager for at least 110-120 minutes in total before the actual use. If you want to purchase this great innovative massaging machine, then you can easily do so just by dialing the number 0333.4115583 from your landline ort mobile number.

Additional Specifications of the Celluless Body Massager:

  1. Premium quality massager and body firming machine
  2. Helps to make the body slim
  3. Ideal machine for different body parts as the Buttocks, Legs, Abdomen and Arms
  4. Comes with the rechargeable battery
  5. Small in size
  6. Portable
  7. Lightweight
  8. Made from high quality plastic material

Box Contains:

1 x Celluless Body Massager

1 x Large Suction Cup

1 x Small Suction Cup

1 x Standby Adapter

1 x Power Adapter

1 x Instruction Manual


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