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Caboki 30 Grams



If you are suffering from the problem of baldness and not a single product helps you to cover this deficiency, then perhaps the best and ideal option to cover this deficiency is provided by the official franchise of the Telebrands PAKISTAN as the Caboki 30 Grams.

The Caboki 30 Grams, as the name indicates, is a premium quality hair fiber designed to cover the problem of baldness in males. The Caboki 30 Grams is formulated from the 100% natural ingredients and it doesn’t have any side effects at all, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

One of the best features of the Caboki 30 Grams is that it is nearly undetectable and even you cannot detect it with a close look and it looks like the part of your hair. The overall procedure of applying the Caboki is quite simple, easy and requires minimal effort in total.

The Caboki 30 Grams can be used by both men and women of all ages without any problem. The Caboki 30 Grams can only be removed by taking the shower and it doesn’t get affected by winds or sweat at all. Our hair has a negative charge and the fibers used in the formulation of Caboki have a positive charge, so both the charges attract each other and form a bond.

The Caboki 30 Grams could be the best and ideal hair product for all the individuals experiencing the problem of baldness. You can easily purchase this quality product just by dialing the number 0333.4115583 from your mobile or landline number.

Additional Specifications of the Caboki 30 Grams:

  1. Premium quality hair fiber
  2. Comes in large 30 Grams packing
  3. Improved formula
  4. Formulated from the 100% natural ingredients
  5. No Side effects at all
  6. Suitable for both the men and women of all ages
  7. Lightweight
  8. Portable

Package Contains:

1 x Caboki 30 Grams


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