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3D Ceiling with Glowing Effect

Design No. 7077


Gone are the days when you decorate the ceilings with solid color and molded gypsum, because now you can use the power of the 3D ceilings to achieve the same purpose in the best possible manner. The 3D Ceilings is basically a skin of the ceiling that allows the user to create almost any type of 3D effect on it by choosing from thousands of available pictures.

The 3D Ceilings can entirely change the look, feel, depth and creativity of any room. The room can change in a way that even users cannot judge it easily that you are staying in the same room. The material used in the formulation of the 3D ceilings is the specially designed PVC material that is very lightweight and strong. The 3D Ceiling has a special design with optical illusion that gives unmatched and unquestionable magnificent look.

Reasons to choose the 3D Ceilings over other type of Ceilings:

The 3D ceilings create an exclusive interior and they can entirely change the look and feel of any living room, dining room or office. For this very reason, the 3D ceilings can be easily installed in both the commercial and residential apartments. Following are some distinctive advantages of the 3D Ceilings that has an edge over traditional ceilings:

  1. Waterproof:

The 3D Ceilings are impregnable and waterproof. It means, that these 3D ceilings do not catch the moisture from the surrounding and hence it is suitable to install at both domestic and commercial places.

  1. Lighting:

The 3D Ceilings also allow the user to install different types of lighting with little modifications. It means that all the users can easily enjoy the different color and types of lighting with this ceiling.

  1. Durability: 

The 3D Ceilings are very durable as compare to the traditional solid paint and molded gypsum ceilings. The overall life of the 3D Ceilings is usually 8-10 years.

  1. Maintenance:

The 3D ceilings do not require regular maintenance as compared to the traditional ceilings, so it is an ideal ceiling to install specifically in homes, hospitals, educational institutes, offices and so on.

  1. Hygiene:

The material used in the formulation of the 3D ceilings is anti-static, so it doesn’t catch dust and dirt from the surrounding of homes or offices. It means, the 3D ceilings will remain clean all the time, no matter if there is a dust in the environment or surroundings.

  1. Perfectly Smooth Surface:

The end results of the 3D Ceilings offer perfectly smooth and flat surface that might not be able to achieve by any other type of ceiling design option.

  1. Integrated Adhesive:

The 3D Ceilings feature the integrated adhesives that allow the easy installation without any problems.

Installation of the 3D Ceilings:

The overall procedure for installing the 3D ceilings is quite sophisticated and there is no margin of error. For this reason, our company has hired the dedicated and experienced team that has years of experience in the relevant field. The basic procedure for installing the 3D Ceilings is mentioned below.

  • In the very first step, we will place the 3D Ceilings on the ceilings with the help of the integrated adhesives.
  • After installing the 3D adhesive, we will place another special sheet to protect the 3D Ceilings.
  • In the next step; we will seal the gaps and corners with the help of specially formulated chemical.


Price detail:

Economical Quality : Rs. 125/sqf

Good Quality : Rs. 145/sqf

Good Quality with glowing effect : Rs. 250/sqf


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